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Урок английского языка в 11 классе «Профессия твоей мечты»

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НазваниеУрок английского языка в 11 классе «Профессия твоей мечты»
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Открытый урок английского языка в 11 классе

«Профессия твоей мечты»

Тип урока: урок обобщения материала по теме «Профессия твоей мечты»


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Используемые технологии: коммуникативные, проблемного диалога, проектная методика, ИКТ, игровые

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Ход урока

1. Начало урока

1.Организационный момент

T. : Good morning, my dears!

Cl.: Good morning, teacher!

T.: How are you?

Cl.: Fine, thanks. And you?

T.: Fine too, thank you. I am glad to see you.

Cl.: We are glad to see you too.

T.: Thank you. Sit down.

2. Определение темы урока

T.: Let us begin our lesson. I ask you to watch some video and decide what our theme is going to be today.

( уч-ся смотрят видео- ролик и делают предположения о теме урока)

P1: Our theme will be « Our future jobs».

P2: We are going to discuss our future professions.

P3: We`ll speak about different jobs.

P4: Our theme is « The job of my dream», etc.

T.: You are right. We`ll speak about different professions. What do you think is the best suggestion? ( пишет тему урока на доске)

2. Основная часть урока

T.: There are a lot of different professions and jobs in the world and you must choose one of them. It`s very important to make the right choice. Why?

P1: It`s very important because our future depends on our choice.

P2: I think it is extremely important because it will determine our future life.

P3: It is very important not only for us, but for our parents, families as well.

T.: You are absolutely right. I see you are quite grown up because you think like adults. Let us name some professions. Look at the screen, please.

( на экране разные профессии и уч-ся по цепочке читают их. Кому не хватает, приводят собственные примеры).

T.: There are no bad jobs, there are professions not suitable for this or that person. You know your character and abilities, I hope. Let us remember some personal qualities and professional characteristics. Your attention, please.

( phonetic drills). You see transcriptions. Your task is to read the words (adjectives).

T.: Our girls have prepared a presentation and are eager to show it to us.

( две девочки представляют презентацию о профессиях).

T.: Thank you, girls. Children, did you like the presentation? What did you like best?

P1: I liked it. It was interesting, picturesque and funny. Well done.

P2: The girls were convincing. And their English was correct.

P3: They have done a lot of work, used many terms.

T.: Thank you. Some of you have already decided what to be, some are hesitating. Who can help you to make a choice?

P1: Our parents, relatives, friends, teachers, examples of famous and successful people.

T.: I suggest you to play a role game. You will do it in pairs. One of you will be a school – leaver, the other one will be either a parent or a psychologist (psychologists also can help you, by the way). So, your task is to make up short dialogues.



- Good morning. I need your advice.

- How can I help you?

- I am a school-leaver and I want to be a manager. Could you tell me if it is the right job for me.

- If you are responsible, organized, persistent, able to arrange work, this job is for you.

- Thank you.


- Hello.

- Hello. Can I help you?

- Yes. You see I want to be an engineer and I`d like to know if I can.

- Of course, you can if you are well-educated, computer-literate, creative, responsible, able to make decisions.

- Thank you. I`ll make a note of it.


- Good morning.

- Good morning. What can I do for you?

- This year I am leaving school, but I haven`t decided what to be yet. Can you advise me anything?

- I hope so. You must do some tests….Oh, you are creative, well-organized, able to cope with stress. You love children. You are kind and sympathetic. You could be a good teacher, nurse or doctor.

- Thank you very much.


- Hello.

- Hello.

- I need your advice.

- I`ll help you with pleasure. What`s the problem?

-You see, I am going to become a psychologist in future. What is necessary for it?

-First of all, you must study psychology of people, be convincing, have a sense of humour, respect your patients, be able to understand them and have a wish to help them.

-Thank you. I`ll take it into consideration.

T.: Well done. Thank you. And now I`d like to invite here some of you who have decided what to be. They will share their choice with us.

( Трубенков Н, Дворецкий А.показывают свои презентации и рассказывают о выбранных профессиях).

T.: Thank you, boys. Children, were you attentive? You know your classmates. Think and say if the boys` personal qualities are good for their future professions.

( уч-ся характеризуют мальчиков и делают предположения: P1: Nikita is persistent,…..I`m sure he will be a good …)

T.: Thank you . You are true friends. And now I want you to look at the screen again.

( видео-ролик из отрывков из к/ф « Доживем до понедельника», звучит мелодия из к/ф.)

(создание проблемной ситуации на уроке)

T.: I think you guess what profession we shall speak about now.

Cl.: We`ll speak about the profession of a teacher.

T.: What do you think about this profession?

P.: It is stressful, creative, rewarding, hard, respected, pleasant, not well-paid, difficult, challenging, …

T.: Is it prestigious? ( формулирование проблемы)

Cl.: (задумываются): Not very prestigious.

P.: It is not well-paid. Mostly women work at schools.

T.: Why? Do you see a contradiction here ?

(выдвижение гипотез)

P.: Yes. On the one hand, the profession of a teacher is respected and it really is. No one can do without teachers. On the other hand, not many men become teachers. This profession takes a lot of time, efforts, but the salary is not very high.

T.: This is a problem. You will think of it while making projects. Please, write your ideas on the sheets of paper. You will do it in groups. ( продуктивное задание)

( уч-ся в группах делают проекты, а затем выясняют, престижна или нет профессия учителя).

T.: Please, show us the products of your work.

( презентация проектов)

T.: Let us sum up all the ideas, thoughts, facts.

( на доске два столбика: advantages and disadvantages. ( уч-ся распределяют слова: respect, joy, stress, hard work, reward, importance, salary, necessity, long holidays.)

T.: Thank you very much. Compare these two lists on the blackboard. Which of them is longer and more impressive? ( выражение решения)

P.: There are more advantages than disadvantages.

T.: What does it mean?

P.: The profession of a teacher is respected and prestigious no matter what.

T.: I agree with you. And Ovod Zhenya has even written a poem about his favourite teacher. The ode to teachers!

( ученик читает свое стихотворение).

3. Заключительная часть урока. Подведение итогов.

T.: My dears, thank you for good work. Let`s remember what we did at the lesson.

Cl.: We repeated the words, listened to the classmates, made projects, solved a problem, watched some presentations, spoke about different professions, listened to good music, made sure that the profession of a teacher is prestigious in our world.

T.: What mark do you deserve for your work?

P.: Very good or excellent.

T.: Yes, you get fives today. Look at the screen and write your home work for the next lesson. Write an essay (200-250 words). The lesson is over. Good bye.